25 May TO 1 June, 2024


24th May 2024 - 12:17Regatta Test Media

The 21st Samui Regatta 2024 Gears Up to Welcome Over 200 Sailors and Spectators to Thailand

All ahead to Samui

Koh Samui, Thailand, —The tropical paradise of Koh Samui, Thailand, is set to host the prestigious 21st Samui Regatta from 25th May to 1st June 2024, at Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui island, announced the Samui Regatta Organizing Committee. The center and host venue for this year event is the Nora Beach Resort and Spa. Anticipated this year are 10 - 15 keelboats and multihulls actively participating in the competition, with more than 200 sailors and participants from 10 countries worldwide. This solidifies Thailand’s position as a premier sailing destination and an essential stop in the Asian yachting circuit.


Mr. Jetsada Jitrat, Governor of Surat Thani Province, said, “On behalf of Surat Thani Province, we are delighted to host the 21st Samui Regatta, a world-renowned sailing event and welcome sailors who will travel from around the world. Koh Samui is considered a beautiful island and a popular destination for international tourists due to beautiful beach and various sea travel activities. With its tropical and beautiful scenery, along with comprehensive facilities including hotels, restaurants, two airports, berths, and world-class hospitality, we are ready to facilitate local and international sailors and tourists visiting the island. The Samui Regatta is expected to generate income for the business sector of Koh Samui of not less than 100 million baht each year.”


Mr. Vorasit Pongkumpunt, GROUP Vice President Nora Group and former President of Tourism Association of Koh Samui said, “I am very pleased to support and promote international sailing sports for local people in Koh Samui to get to know more about the sport of sailing.  Koh Samui is unique in its geography and scenery, with beautiful sea, winds, and good waves suitable for water sports, making Koh Samui one of the most beautiful sailing competition venues in the world.” 


Ms. Orawintanee Wattana, the event director of the Samui Regatta said, “The Samui Regatta has become an iconic event in the sailing calendar. Each year, it is considered one of the most famous sailing races in Asia. and has received the attention from sailors from Thailand and internationally. In addition to the contestants who participate in the competition every year, we will also have many new and well-known international sailors competing this year. The competition caters for all designs of boats with classes for racing and cruising yachts.  It is expected that this year there will be more than 10 - 15 boats participating in this competition, with over 200 competitors from 10 countries around the world, including Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Australia, England, Europe, and the USA.


The week-long Samui Regatta will run for 5 days sailing and one lay day. After every race there will be a daily social gathering. Especially on the final day of the competition there will be an awards ceremony and gala dinner on the beach, which has received good support from Nora Beach Resort and Spa as host venue of the event. 


The event is organized by the Samui Regatta organizing committee in collaboration with the Yacht Racing Association of Thailand (YRAT), The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the Tourism Association of Koh SamuiSurat Thani Province, the Sports Authority of Thailand and Regattas Asia.


The 21st Samui Regatta 2024 is proud to be supported by an array of prestigious sponsors, whose collaboration and support are essential to the event’s success. Co-Sponsors are The Nora Hotel Group, Chaweng Regent Beach Resort, Bangkok Airways, Bangkok Hospital Samui, Haad Thip PCL, Frank Pong & Team Jelik, Singha, Chaweng Gardens Beach Resort and The Resotel Group. 


Media Partners includes VivaldiPR, Thailand Marine Guide, The South East Asia Pilot and Sea Yachting Magazine


For more information on participating in the Samui Regatta or to registration, please visit the regatta's website at https://www.samuiregatta.com and update activities on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SamuiRegatta


About the Samui Regatta:

The Samui Regatta is the islands longest running sports event and solidifies Thailand’s position as a premier sailing destination and an essential stop in the Asian yachting circuit. Since its inception in 2001 with a modest fleet of beach catamarans, the Samui Regatta experienced remarkable growth up until 2019, rapidly expanding each year and is now in a rebuilding process post covid. The event’s objectives remain focused on increasing tourism to Koh Samui, elevating the profile of sailing in Asia, and promoting water sports activities. 

For more information on participating in the Samui Regatta or to registration, please visit the regatta's website at https://www.samuiregatta.com and update activities on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SamuiRegatta 

Sun 2 Jun 2024

เรือแซนเนคินจากฮ่องกงคว้าอันดับหนึ่ง สมุยรีกัตต้าครั้งที่ 21 ตอกย้ำไทยฮับท่องเที่ยวเชิงกีฬาชั้นนำระดับโลก

Sat 1 Jun 2024

Hongkong’s Zannekin Claims Victory at 21st Samui Regatta 2024

Fri 31 May 2024

เรือใบสมุยรีกัตต้าวันที่สี่ ลมดีแรงสูงสุด 25 น็อต ประทับใจนักแล่นเรือต่างชาติ

Fri 31 May 2024

17-mile Pursuit Race highlights Race Day 4 of the 21st Samui Regatta

Wed 29 May 2024

เรือ Zannekin จากฮ่องกงยังคงนำจ่าฝูงแข่งวันที่ 3

Wed 29 May 2024

Race Day 3 of the 21st Samui Regatta

Tue 28 May 2024

Variable Light Winds Challenge Sailors on Race Day 2 of the 21st Samui Regatta 2024

Tue 28 May 2024

ผลการแข่งขันวันที่ 2 สมุยรีกัตต้า กระแสลมเบา 7 น็อตท้าทายนักแล่นใบ

Mon 27 May 2024

ผลการแข่งวันแรกสมุยรีกัตต้า ครั้งที่ 21 ปี 2567เรือ Zannekin จากฮ่องกงคว้าที่ 1

Mon 27 May 2024

Hong Kong’s Zannekin Dominates First Day of the 21st Samui Regatta 2024

Sun 26 May 2024

เปิดการแข่งขันเรือใบนานาชาติสมุยรีกัตต้าครั้งที่ 21

Sun 26 May 2024

21st Samui Regatta 2024 Kicks Off Forecasting 100 Million Baht Boost to Local Island Economy

Tue 21 May 2024

สุราษฎร์ธานี พร้อมเป็นเจ้าภาพการแข่งขันเรือใบนานาชาติ สมุย รีกัตต้า 2567

Sat 27 May 2023

Freefire captures 20th sailing of the Samui Regatta

Sat 27 May 2023

Great sailing weather continues for the Samui Regatta

Thu 25 May 2023

Samui Regatta stages inaugural pursuit race

Wed 24 May 2023

Close racing with boats only seconds apart at Samui Regatta

Tue 23 May 2023

Samui Regatta celebrates two decades on the water

Mon 22 May 2023

The opening of the 20th Koh Samui International Sailing Regatta 2023.

Sat 30 Jul 2022

A big thank you to The Tourism Authority of Thailand

Sat 30 Jul 2022

Samui Regatta Brings Sense of Optimism to Island

Sat 30 Jul 2022

Light winds, but racing underway.

Fri 8 Jul 2022

Samui Regatta returns to its roots for 2022.

Mon 28 Feb 2022

Samui Regatta Confirmed for 26-30 July 2022

Mon 26 Apr 2021

2021 Samui Regata postponed until 3rd Quarter 2021.

Thu 2 Apr 2020

19th Samui Regatta Postponed until Aug/Sep 2021

Sat 1 Jun 2019

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Stellar fleet line-up on Day 1 of Samui Regatta 2019

Mon 6 May 2019

Samui Regatta welcomes Synergy Samui Resort as new home.

Sat 2 Jun 2018

Two race finale wraps up successful 2018 Samui Regatta

Fri 1 Jun 2018

Breezy Day 4 sets up final day showdown at 2018 Samui Regatta

Wed 30 May 2018

Seconds in it on Day 3 of 2018 Samui Regatta

Tue 29 May 2018

Variable conditions test sailors on Day 2 of 2018 Samui Regatta

Mon 28 May 2018

A testing Day 1 for sailors at the 2018 Samui Regatta

Sun 27 May 2018

Close racing between young Thai sailors at Samui Youth Challenge

Wed 23 May 2018

17th Samui Regatta to take place 26 May 2 June off Chaweng Beach

Thu 17 May 2018

International Fleet Sets Sail for Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui to Compete in Final Event of the AsianYachting Grand Prix Championship 2018

Wed 9 May 2018

Top yachts heading to season finale at Samui Regatta

Sat 27 May 2017

Photo finishes on final day of 2017 Samui Regatta

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Samui delivers the goods on Day 1 of 2017 Samui Regatta

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Samui Regatta sets the standard for sports tourism on Samui Island

Fri 12 May 2017

International fleet line-up for 16th Samui Regatta

Sat 28 May 2016

20 knots of breeze delivers fantastic finale to 2016 Samui Regatta

Fri 27 May 2016

Classic Samui conditions for Day 4 of 2016 Samui Regatta

Wed 25 May 2016

Coastal course shakes up the standings on Day 3 of 2016 Samui Regatta

Tue 24 May 2016

Consistency proves key on Day 2 of Samui Regatta 2016

Mon 23 May 2016

When the going gets tough: Samui Regatta 2016, Day 1

Sun 22 May 2016

Dinghy racing makes a return at 2016 Samui Regatta

Thu 19 May 2016

World-class fleet to line-up for 15th Samui Regatta

Wed 2 Mar 2016

All ahead to Samui Regatta 2016

Sat 30 May 2015

Final race decides the titles at Samui Regatta 2015

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Samui Regatta goes down to the wire after a tough Day 4

Wed 27 May 2015

A packed day of racing on Day 3 of Samui Regatta 2015

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All change on Day 2 of Samui Regatta 2015

Mon 25 May 2015

Changing fortunes on Day 1 of Samui Regatta 2015

Sun 24 May 2015

Samui Regatta 2015 to close out the 2014/15 regional sailing circuit

Wed 6 May 2015

TAT backs Samui Regatta as it sails into the 14th successful year

Sat 31 May 2014

Only seconds in it on final day of 2014 Samui Regatta

Fri 30 May 2014

Stronger breeze and longer courses mix it up on Day 4 of the 2014 Samui Regatta

Wed 28 May 2014

Good wind and three races completed on Day 3 gets Samui Regatta series back on track

Tue 27 May 2014

Tricky winds shake up results on Day 2 of Samui Regatta

Mon 26 May 2014

HiFi and Foxy Lady VI take early leads on Day 1 of Samui Regatta

Mon 14 Apr 2014

Asia's best to compete at 13th Samui Regatta

Sat 1 Jun 2013

Best Racing in Asia!

Wed 15 May 2013

Standby Samui!

Sat 23 Jun 2012

Strong winds decide the places on final day at Samui Regatta 2012

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